Lin Hsu is an industrial designer and maker living in New York. She graduated in 2011 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, with a Bachelor of Industrial Design Degree. Lin started learning leather craft on her own, and it grew from a fun hobby to a fully-fledged foundation for her NYC Studio.

Every piece is produced with great care and dedication, sometimes over several days. The leather is custom dyed according to the desired color, then cut individually by hand to fit the design. A layer of weather proof wax conditioner is applied afterwards, not only to make the products stronger, but also to enrich the color of the leather.

“Vattugatan” is the name of the street that Lin lived on while studying glass design in Nybro, Sweden. There, she spent six months exploring the endless possibilities of glass and gained enormous insight into the design and manufacturing processes. Greatly influenced by the lifestyle and culture of Sweden, her design philosophy favors simplicity over excess.