To take the best care of your leather products, cleaning them once in a while is important. Remove any dust using a soft cloth. Then, lather a leather cleaner or saddle soap onto it. Do not use water when cleaning your leather goods as it may dry out or damage the leather. 


Whenever cleaning your leather goods, be sure to follow with a leather conditioner. The following products are highly recommended:

Fiebing Aussie Leather Conditioner

Fiebing Aussie Leather Conditioner is a specially formulated leather conditioner made with beeswax to preserve, soften, and strengthen leather. I fondly nicknamed it “The Little Jar of Miracles”, and apply one or two layers of it on every leather product. This product was originally developed by Australian horsemen--it helps leather to withstand hot and dry climates. 

Fiebing CO Snow-Proof Leather Conditioner

Fiebing CO Snow-Proof Leather Conditioner is a colorless and odorless wax-based leather conditioner that nourishes, preserves, and waterproofs leather. This product leaves no greasy residue and treated leather can be polished to a high gloss finish. I typically apply one or two layers of this coating on handbags and luggage for additional weather-resistant protection. 

There are other brands and products available for use, however Fiebing is a professionally reliable brand.