Imported from Brazil, this premium leather is tanned using tannins and other natural ingredients. It's the most traditional and environmentally friendly method of treating leather, as there are no chemicals involved in the process. 

Vegetable tanning showcases leather in its most natural state, and offers its own unique characteristics, grains, and marks. A rich patina will develop over time and it ages beautifully. 

Because only natural ingredients are used, any veg-tanned leather good can be recycled. However, I hope you will enjoy my products rather than recycling them. 


Every Vattugatan product is made from materials that are hand-dyed by me in my NYC studio. I use dyes that are specially formulated for vegetable tanned leathers. Over time, the final product will darken in color to form a rich, unique patina. Please be mindful that crocking (the transference of dye to other materials) is never completely avoidable.


Finishing is a vital step in protecting, conditioning, and preserving leather goods. Over time, leather can dry out and become brittle. A leather conditioner not only treats the surface, but penetrates into the material to nourish and soften the deeper fibers and pores. I apply several layers of wax-based conditioner on every piece for additional weather-resistant protection.


For maximum durability and longevity, all products are hand-stitched using the saddle stitch technique. It is superior to machine stitching because it does not unravel or weaken the product if a thread breaks. The thread I use is coated with beeswax, which adds strength and waterproofs  the thread. Some Vattugatan pieces feature decorative stitching, which can only be done by hand.